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Call us during your requested week to confirm. If the week requested is booked, you will be scheduled for the following week.

  • Inground Pools
  • Semi Inground Pools
  • Above Ground Pools
  • Spas

DELUXE CHEMICAL KIT (Recommended for Mesh Cover Customers)

Winter chemical kit contains 2 additional gallons of sequestrant for in-ground, semi and above ground pools helps prevent green water in the spring. Recommended especially for mesh cover customers.


  • Pool vacuuming and Leaf rake (Done before pool closing)
  • D.E or Cartridge Filter Cleaning (Required to ensure extended filter life and quick start up of pool)
Pool Cover Gallery - Westrock Pool & Spa in Rockland County, NY

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NOTE: We will use your plugs, winter cover, blowout extensions, water bags, skimmer plates, air pillows, cables and turnbuckles but will replace them when necessary to insure proper winterization and you will be billed accordingly. If your winterization products are not out and accessible, we will use ours and charge accordingly. We will not search through garages and sheds for your equipment.