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Winter conditions can cause difficulties at opening, so we strongly recommended opening your pool 2 to 3 weeks before your intended use. This gives time to clear the water and handle any problem that may arise.

Pool Opening service consists of re-installing ladder, handrail, diving board, removing and folding pool cover, re-connecting motor and automatic pool cleaner and filter system, restoring water flow to pool heater and attempting to fire. One pound shock used for every 10,000 gallons of water and is included in the price. (testing of water and evaluation is included)

For mesh cover customers: Chemical treatment of pool 1 week prior to opening.

Deluxe In-Ground Pool Star-up Chemical Kit, for quicker clean water. Includes: Additional 4 lbs. of dichlor shock, poly algaecide, and Sea-Klear (metal sequestrant). (sized for up to 20′ x 40′ pool)

Service Phone: (845) 947-4200
Fax: (845) 623-1156
Service Email:

  • Slide Lines
  • Solar Panels
  • In-Floor Cleaner
  • D.E. or Cartridge Filtration & Cleaning
  • AG Frog Mineral Packs
  • Additional pumps
  • Drop-In steps
  • Attached Spa/Spillover Spa
  • Pristine Blue Starter Kits
  • Frog Pack Cartridges
  • Child Safety Fence
  • Auto Fill
  • Vacuuming (Bi-Monthly or Weekly)
  • IG Frog Mineral Packs

FOR IN GROUND AND ABOVE GROUND POOLS: Pool openings include removal of cover (free of water and debris), re-installation of pool equipment & accessories, start-up of filter system. Operational heaters will be checked out and then left in an off position. Time clocks will be set in 24-hour manual mode until pool clarity is achieved. PLEASE SET YOUR TIMERS.