Our dedication is to provide you with the best built hot tubs, spas and swim spas available. We have a great selection and are an authorized dealer of Celtic Hot Tubs. Come visit our showroom and let one of our spa professionals help you determine which spa is the perfect choice for you.

Celtic Hot Tubs

USA Made. Celtic Inspired.

With over 10 decades of industry expertise, Celtic Hot Tubs is dedicated to providing the highest quality product with long-lasting performance and dependability; a durable product engineered with customer satisfaction in mind. Our spas come fully-loaded with many of the same features you see in a high-end luxury hot tub, but at a more affordable price. Every member of our team is dedicated to meeting high standards of customer service.

Energy Shield Insulation:

As energy costs continue to rise as does the awareness for our responsibility to conserve energy we have spared no effort nor cost to build your Celtic Hot Tub to operate efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.

The backside and bottom of the tubs interior is covered with a thick layer of closed cell foam. Around the outside of the tubs frame we install a double sided reflective heat wrap.

In effect we have developed the thermal pane window concept of a double sided insulation concept with air in between. Effectively keeping the water warm, and the freezing weather out.

In order to keep the moisture out and the dry heat in, we cover the bottom of the tub and frame with a moisture proof sheet of high density polyethylene plastic.

Celtic Shield™ Interior:

HDPE – High density polyethylene plastic is known for its outstanding strength and has a high-impact resistance. It is extremely weather-able and will resist fading and discoloration. Unlike high gloss acrylic finishes, the Celtic Shield™ Shell has a soft touch slip resistant surface. This surface is an added safety feature and is the best way to prevent any slips or falls for both kids and adults. You’ll also enjoy the way it hides fingerprints and water spots.

Celtic Shield™ Exterior:

High quality, beautifully textured cabinets made from weather-able material that is durable, UV resistant, and resembles the natural beauty of wood with an architectural grade cladding. Our Celtic Shield™ cabinets are built for strength and longevity.

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