Have Westrock service your pool and spa needs !

We will open your in-ground or above ground pool this season. Pool opening includes removal of the cover, re-installation of pool equipment such as ladders and handrails, start-up of the filtration system and firing of the heater. We also include initial chemical shock. As the season comes to an end and temperatures drop, Westrock will close your in-ground or above ground pool. This service includes draining of pool equipment, blowing and plugging of lines, removal of ladders and handrails, covering of pool and the optional addition of winterizing chemicals to ensure your pool is in the best possible condition for the start of the season.



Weekly Pool Service

Once a week we’ll brush, skim and vacuum your pool. We’ll also test your water for proper chemical balance to ensure your pool is sparkling the entire season.

Safety Cover Installation

Have a new custom safety cover installed and enjoy the sleek look and peace of mind knowing you and your family can be safe around the pool year round. Your pool will be measured for the safety cover and it will be professionally installed by our technicians.

Pool Upgrades and Repairs

At Westrock we do a wide variety of pool upgrades and repairs. Whether you’re looking for a replacement vinyl liner or a more effective filtration system, we can meet all of your needs. We do installations of new liners, heaters, pumps and filtration systems and repair of your current equipment. We also install and repair salt and ozonating systems.

We also perform:

  • Spa Repair
  • Pool Renovations
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Installation of Solar Heating Systems
  • Initial/ Weekly/ Bi-weekly Vacuuming
  • Inground Liner Replacement
  • Replacement Liners
  • Pool Service
  • Opening-Closing
  • Weekly Service – Monthly Service
  • Rockland Orange and Bergen County