A Stunning Transformation

After thirty-three years in our home, we decided to “take the plunge” and put in a pool. We checked around with numerous pool companies and decided to go with Westrock. Why Westrock? By no means were they the least expensive, and there were certainly not the most well-known pool company we consulted. They were however, the most professional, honest, accommodating, and reliable business we had dealt with in our years of home improvement experiences. From our initial conversation with Andy, straight through to completion and beyond, the process of creating our private oasis was handled with complete professionalism and timeliness.

Obviously there is much more to putting in a pool, than digging a hole and placing the structure in it. Westrock is not only the best at recommending the proper pool for our area and taste, but they work with only the best in the business to ensure that your new pool’s surroundings are transformed into your dream oasis. When it came to this aspect of the planning process, Andy recommended we use the same people who excavate the pool sites for them, Curti’s Landscaping. The Curti’s crew, Scott, John, Dennis, Sam, and Nancy designed, installed, and totally transformed our yard from this,

To this in a matter of weeks.

The final product was a total, stunning transformation of our serene backyard, into our private vacation spa.

After thirty-three years of dealing with unreliable, unprofessional, and uncaring contractors who promise you the moon, then take many moons to deliver a mediocre result, it was an honor and delight to finally, on such a large scale project, deal with a true professional, who deals only with true professionals. Our most sincere thanks go out to Andy, Bobby, and Joan for all of your hard work and professionalism in giving our investment such a beautiful return.


Meryl and Mark Abrahams,