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Video: Health Benefits of Pool Exercises

Daily pain is a fact of life for millions. The healthy way to manage pain is through pool exercise. Pool exercise can reduce your stress and increase muscle tone and strength. Pool exercise also provides relief to the people suffering from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and lower back pain.
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Video: Tips To Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly pool will actually enhance the environment instead of hurting it. Follow some simple tips and make your pool eco-friendly. Cover your pool when it is not in use. Use the right kind of filter and select equipment with good energy ratings. Always choose eco-friendly landscaping and use energy efficient lighting.
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Video: Heroes Discount by Westrock Pools

Servicemen and women, paramedics, firefighters and police officers provide a great service to the country. As a tribute to them, Westrock Pools offers a Heroes’ Discount on all types of pools, swim spas and more. To find out more, call us at 845-367-9377 or email
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