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Bullfrog Spa the Ultimate Hot Tub

In today’s cutting edge technology era, hot tubs have a come a long way from their traditional form. Bullfrog Spas have transformed the experience of water with modern spa engineering. They are the most advanced, efficient and powerful spas made today. The ultimate hot tubs, are the result of years of experience and research. If you are looking for a hot tub that can relieve your stress with hot water therapy, or if you want to enjoy a relaxing time with your friends and family, Bullfrog Spa is the ultimate choice for you.

JetPak Therapy System

The Jetpak Therapy System affords you the ultimate personalized spa experience. It contains customizable jets that are removeable and interchangeable within the spa at any time. This system is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits.

Energy Efficient

Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient, premium hot tubs in the world. They use up to 90% less plumbing than traditional Spas. Their full-foam design and efficient equipment help save energy and ensure that you can relax without worrying about your energy bill. Bullfrog Spas are technologically advanced and equipped with an ultra-efficient water delivery system.

Durable for a life time

Bullfrog Spas are built with the best materials from the ground up. They are 100% wood-free to avoid rot and corrosion and are built on sturdy, molded ABS spa frames. Bullfrog spas are precision-aligned in each instance, and leave no scope for human error.

Numerous Designs

Bullfrog Spas come with a variety of design options for both inground and above ground models. These can be further customized with the JetPak panels. There are different seating arrangements, like an upright position or a relaxing slant, that cater to every person’s individual needs. These can be further customized with the JetPak panels.


STIL is one of the many models created by Bullfrog Spas. STIL provides a modern look and a unique, soothing, therapy experience. Our bio-engineered seats and jets help you to relax and relieve body stress.

Contact Us

Westrock Pools is an authorized dealer of Bullfrog Spas in Nanuet, New York. Please visit our splurging 10,000 square foot retail store on Nanuet’s busy Route 59 corridor. We service the Bergen, Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester County Regions. Our professional consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect hot tub for you. Call us at 845-367-9377 or email info@westrockpools.com.

Above Ground Pools – Advantages

Above Ground Pools - Advantages

Why a Semi-Inground Pool is the Perfect Solution

Pool in the garden

If you are considering buying a pool, but don’t want to spend too much on an inground pool, you might want to check out semi-inground pools. They have recently opened a whole new market, making a big hit with economical buyers. Semi-inground pools have hit the market with the right price for those who are not quite able to get an inground pool, but do not want to settle for an above ground pool. They are available at prices that homeowners can afford, making them the new market niche.

It is not just the price that is making semi-inground pools the newest trend. They have other features that make them the talk of the town:

They Are Versatile

Semi-inground pools meet you halfway between inground and above ground pools. Being a hybrid, they can sit entirely above ground as well as halfway in the ground, or can be entirely buried. This versatility makes them flexibile enough to meet the needs of any homeowner.

They Are Easy to Install

Semi-inground pools can be installed in a matter of days and they are DIY-friendly. Installing them is not as labor intensive as digging an inground pool.

They Are Robust and Long-Lasting

They are generally built with 14-gauge galvanized steel and a 42 to 52 inch inground panel length, which makes semi-inground pools as robust and long-lasting as inground pools. This is one reason why people like semi-inground pools.

They Are Perfect for Decks

If you have a deck in your backyard and do not want to walk down to get into your pool, you can install a semi-inground pool at the level of your deck. You can always adjust the depth to which you want to sink the pool. This makes it perfect for decks.

They Are Easy on the Eyes

Semi-inground pools do not stick out like above ground pools that block the view in the yard. When they are partially sunk or entirely sunk, wall visibility is minimized. You can color coordinate the pool and your home for better visual aesthetics.

They Are Not Classified as Permanent Structures

Unlike inground pools, semi-inground pools are not classified as permanent structures so you are not subject to additional property taxes.

For state of the art semi-inground pools, contact Westrock Pools.

We have all the new models available for you. You can choose an oval or a round style, whichever suits your personality. Call us today at 845-367-9377 or email us at info@westrockpools.com.

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pool covers

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Advantages of Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool

If you want to install a pool without investing much time and money, above ground pools are a good option. They can be built in a number of shapes and sizes to suit your backyard. They can also be finished with a variety of beautiful design-inspired liners to give it a customized look. Many people opt for above ground pools because of the following advantages:

They are cost-effective: The number one benefit of owning above ground pools is the cost. Since above ground pools are smaller compared to other pools, they require fewer chemicals, as well as less maintenance equipment and other supplies.

They are safe: Aboveground pools are safe. They lower the risk of a child accidentally falling in by raising the pool’s entry point. Locking gates and barriers can be easily installed in above ground pools. This makes it easy to regulate access to the pool area.

They are easy to install: They are easy to install. Instead of digging a large hole in the ground and spending thousands on construction alone, pool professionals can install above ground pools in a single day.

They are accessory-friendly: Above ground pools can be equipped with diving boards, water fountains, waterfalls and more to make your backyard experience that much more enjoyable. They come in sizes large enough to accommodate an entire soccer team or small enough to accommodate a few people, depending on your needs.

They are portable: Above ground pools can be moved according to your requirements. They can be easily dismantled and transported when you move to a new home.

They require less space: Above ground pools are a perfect choice for backyards that do not have much space. They come in a variety of sizes and models for each type of family.
They allow reuse of your yard: Above ground pools can be disassembled, leaving the yard free to be used for other purposes.

They offer more choices of location: Since above ground pools come in a variety of sizes, they can be installed in different areas of the backyard.

Contact Westrock Pools for above ground pools

If you are looking for a company to build an above ground pool, contact Westrock Pools. No matter what type of house you own, we can create the perfect complement to your landscape. Call us at 845-367-9377 or email us at info@westrockpools.com.

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