What can I do if my pool liner is leaking?

If your pool liner in leaking, you need to patch it. To patch the leaking, you need a piece of the liner or a pool liner patch kit, some pool liner patch glue, and a pair of scissors. You should know where the pool liner is leaking. Follow the steps below to properly patch the leak in your pool liner:

  1. Measure the area that needs to be patched.
  2. Cut the area at least 2″ inches bigger than the hole in the liner.
  3. Round off the edges of the swimming pool patch by cutting the patch into a circle.
  4. Apply the vinyl adhesive on the rough side of the leakage.
  5. Fold the patch in half by sticking the adhesive sides together.
  6. Unfold the patch material and place it over the leakage in the pool. If the leakage is under water, wait until you are near the leakage to unfold the patch.
  7. Put direct pressure on the patch for approximately five minutes.

Swimming pool liner

Pool Liner
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