What are the Things I should Consider Before Installing an Inground Pool?

Consider the following before installing a pool:

  1. Getting a Building Permit: You will need a city or township building permit and an electrical permit before installing a pool. Depending on where you are located, you may also need a zoning permit, a soil and erosion permit and a fence permit.
  2. Determining the Specifics: Along with the pool, it is also important to decide on where to place your skimmer and return (inlet and outlet, respectively). The location of the skimmer will also determine where the pump and filter will go, which further determines where the electrical outlet goes.
  3. Preparing for Excavation: You will require at least 20 feet of clearance to get excavation equipment into your yard. If you have a fence, you will need to make sure you can remove enough of it to accommodate the pool.