Should I buy a swimming pool or swim spa?

If you are looking to add family entertainment to the back yard for everyone to enjoy, a swimming pool would be your best option. A pool can serve as one of the best forms of entertainment for exercise, leisure, or relaxation for your home. When people begin to sort out their options for forms of hydrotherapy for their yard, they intuitively start deciding between above-ground or in-ground pools. Space and cost need to be considered when purchasing a swimming pool, and due to their larger size, swimming pools tend to require more effort and attention for proper pool maintenance. However, there is another option for hydrotherapy, which is a swim spa. Swim spas are similar to hot tubs, but come pre-assembled, making them extremely convenient, and provide both the comfort of a hot tub, and the exercise of a swimming pool. 
So if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, you can opt for a swim spa. It is more suitable for a yard with limited space. Swim spa also have powerful jets that can be used to massage sore joints and muscles. Swim spa tends to be more intimate, and are a great way for adults to socialize while enjoying the water.