How can I keep my children safe around the hot tub?

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your children safe:

Secure the area: Build an enclosure around the hot tub area. You can also put up a fence with a self-latching gate to ensure that your children do not get in your spa without your permission and supervision.

Never leave children unattended: Make sure that you always supervise your children while the hot tub is being used. Never leave them alone even for one minute.

Adjust the temperature: Before the hot tub is used, check the temperature and turn it down if it is too hot.

Cover your hot tub when not in use: Cover your hot tub when you are finished using it. It will prevent your children from accidentally falling in.

Make sure the drain is safe: Keep the drain protected by an approved cover and test it periodically. Check for the expiration date and replace it when indicated.

Prevent slips and falls: Prevent slips and falls outside the hot tub by:

  • Installing anti-skid treads on the steps
  • Painting your deck with sand paint
  • Placing slip-proof rubber mats near the entrance of the hot tub