Have questions about building, maintaining or just owning a pool? We've assembled some questions below to help you know what to expect.

How does the construction process work?
First we have a pre-construction meeting to finalize the design and location of your pool. We then excavate the site, when this is complete we erect the walls. The next phase will be plumbing and electrical followed by the liner. The last step in the process is backfill.

Can you help me design the best pool for my backyard?
Certainly! Our staff will help you select the right size, shape and overall layout of a pool that best suits your backyard. We understand that each home is different and each homeowner’s tastes and styles are different. We will help you with all of the details, including any add-on options, such as waterfalls, landscaping, etc. that you want to include.

Will you support and help maintain my pool after it’s completed?
We build relationships. Just because we have completed your pool does not mean that our relationship ends. We will be with you to service and maintain your pool long after it’s finished. The level of involvement we have in maintaining your pool is up to you. We can setup a maintenance schedule to keep your pool in peak condition throughout the year.

How can I be assured you’re using quality parts and equipment when building my pool?
We use only the best parts and equipment available in the industry. When speaking with our staff, you can learn more specifically about the brands that we sell.

How can I be assured that your company is a reputable, quality pool builder?
First of all, check our list of references. There is no better way to become comfortable with our quality standards and customer service than to speak directly with our existing customers. Secondly, call the local Better Business Bureau and confirm that our company is in good standing with them. You can also check with other local professional organizations to research our reputation and workmanship.