How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool for Your Family

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If you are thinking of installing a swimming pool in your backyard, there are a number of things to consider. The most important question is how to choose the right swimming pool for your family. It is always good to take some time to plan your pool project. Here are a few things to consider when determining the right swimming pool for your family.

Inground or Above Ground?

Consider which type of pool best suits your family’s needs and budget. In deciding between an inground or above ground pool, consider the available space. Inground pools usually require less space to install. Above ground pools are easier to move and are generally less expensive.

Pool Materials

If you decide on an inground pool, materials that could be used are concrete, vinyl or fiberglass.

Concrete pools are the most popular and most expensive. However, they are also the strongest and most durable. Concrete can be custom made.

Vinyl pools require a one-piece, flexible liner to be inserted into a prepared hole and attached to an aluminum or steel-framed wall. There is a limited number of sizes and shapes available.

Fiberglass pools are one of the most affordable types of inground pool. Fibreglass pools generally use fewer chemicals since the gel-coat finish is nonporous and durable.

Budget and Who Will be Using the Pool

Budget: Make sure you have a set budget. Decide on how much you plan to spend and if your budget is flexible?

Users: Consider who will be using the pool. If it is solely for swimming laps, a long and narrow shape is appropriate. If you want a shallow area for children to play, you may want an ‘L’ shape.

Pool Shape, Design and Location

Space: Consider the size and shape of your yard. The available space will determine what is possible in terms of pool design and shape.

Features: Pools are more than just for swimming these days. They are an added feature of your home. There are options for adding interesting and beautiful features to your swimming pool such as fountains, waterfalls and ponds.

Landscaping: Think about how your pool will fit into the outdoor setting and how it will add to the existing features of your backyard.

Location: Location is important. Take some time before it is installed to decide on location because this decision is not easy to reverse once it is done.

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