How Different Seasons Affect Inground Pool Installations

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There is no wrong time to start planning for your inground pool installation. The best time for inground pool construction is when you have time and are financially ready. Each season has its own benefits and drawbacks for pool construction. Here is a look at the pros and cons of building inground pools depending on the season:


Pro: If you build your pool during the spring, you can have your pool ready by summer.

Con: Spring is usually a peak time so pool builders and suppliers are in high demand. They book up fast and may not have the same off-season deals.


Pro: If you start pool construction in early summer, you may still have a chance to enjoy your pool during or at the end of summer. However, it will depend on how early your start the process, i.e. contacting pool builders. If you start contacting pool builders in late summer after the busy season, they might extend their work season.

Con: Your backyard will be under construction for part of the summer so you will not be able to use your backyard during that period.


Pros: Fall is the time when the price of the pool drops. Pool builders will have more time in their schedule. This will give you enough time to plan your backyard landscape and consider other elements that you may want to include in your pool area.

Con: You will likely have to wait until the following pool season to enjoy your new pool.


Pro: You may be able to negotiate a good deal with pool builders.

Con: It could be difficult to build an inground pool during winter, especially if the ground has already been frozen.

Time is important when it comes to pool construction. The more time you put into planning for your pool, the better the result you will get.

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