Three Types of Above Ground Pools Covers

above ground pool

Choosing a cover for your above ground pool can be difficult. Determining the right type of pool cover depends on the reasons you need the cover. Are you closing your above ground pool for the winter? Are you looking for a cover to keep your above ground pool protected from leaves and debris? Are you looking for a cover to maintain the temperature of your above ground pool? Depending on your requirements, there are three basic types of pool covers to choose from.

  1. Winter Covers: They are made of waterproof material and come in larger dimensions, which makes it possible to cover the entire pool. The overlap can cover the top seats and the outside of the pool. Winter covers usually come with a cable that loops through the eyelets that are found along the edge. A winch is used to tighten the cable to secure the cover to the outside of the pool wall.
  2. Mesh Covers: Mesh covers are nets that cover the pool’s surface. Just like winter covers, they are bigger than the pool’s dimensions. However, they are not waterproof and can only trap larger debris such as leaves, sticks, beercans, etc..
  3. olar Covers: They help retain the existing temperature of the water in the pool. They do not heat up the water. A solar cover works well in areas where there is an extreme change in the temperature from day to night.

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