Popular Inground Pool Designs and Shapes

inground pools

An inground pool in your backyard adds great value to your home and also creates a lovely ambience. The pool design is the most exciting aspect of getting a new pool. Here is a list of some of the most popular inground pool designs and shapes available before getting your new inground pool.

Inground Pool Shapes

Rectangular and Geometric Swimming Pools: This classic design is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The Figure 8: This shape resembles the number 8, with round or circular shapes on the ends and a narrower area in the middle.

Multi-Sided Pools: Swimming pools with multiple straight edges or sides are always popular and are a variation of a rectangle or oval shape.

l-Shaped Swimming Pools: There are two types of L-shaped pools: the true-L, which resembles the actual letter "L", and a lazy L, which resembles the letter but has a slight angle. Both designs create a stylish swimming pool.

Freeform Shapes: As the name implies, a freeform pool is organic in shape and is based on curvilinear rather than geometric forms.

Inground Pool Designs

There is a world of options when it comes to designing your inground pool. Here are some things you may want to consider:

Natural Beauty: Adding plants and greenery imparts a natural and fresh look to your inground pool. You can add gardens around your pool to create a naturally beautiful inground pool area.

Water Features: There are many water features you can add to your pool such as a diving board or a slide. You can also have waterfalls or a river wrap around your main pool.

Fire Features: You can add fire features inside and outside the swimming pool. Fire features create a dramatic look, especially at night. You can add fire near the pool and on the surface. Fire tables and pits are fun and look beautiful near your inground pool.

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