Top Inground Pool Trends

inground pool

If you are thinking about treating yourself to an inground pool this summer, you will want to make your pool as stunning as possible. With all the different trends, deciding which trend to consider may be a challenging task. Here are some of the most in-demand inground pool trends:

Waterfalls: Waterfalls help create a smooth ledge of water falling over the pool’s edge. They come in different lengths and styles. Adding waterfalls to your inground pool may help create that resort feeling.

Sun shelves: Sun shelves are flat and shallow areas that are created in an inground pool. They are the perfect place for a lounge chair. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the warm sun.

Fire pits and fire bowls: Fire pits and fire bowls are ideal features to add to your inground pool. They are a great place for your friends and family to relax after those late-night swims and festive parties.

Vanishing edges or negative edges: These features allow water to cascade over the edges of an inground pool, giving it the amazing appearance of water that is disappearing over the edge. This feature is especially popular with pool owners who have sloping backyards.

LED lights: LED lights have become a popular choice for many pool owners. By adding LED lights, you can highlight your pool’s waterfall, add color and create a customized show for your guests.

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