What to Consider Before Opening Your Swimming Pool

inground pool

The question many pool owners debate is when they should open their pools. When is it too early and when is it too late? Whether it’s an inground pool or above ground pool, consider the following when deciding when to open your pool:

  1. Temperature: When the temperature is approximately 70 degrees, it is time to open the pool. Warmer temperatures may allow bacteria and algae to take over the pool.
  2. Pollen Count: It is important to open your pool before pollen has a negative impact on the still water. If you open the pool earlier, it will allow the skimmer to pull the pollen and the filter will keep it from returning to the water
  3. Cost: Many people hesitate to open their pool early because they feel it's too expensive. However, opening it too late can be more expensive because it will require extra cleaning and maintenance before use.
  4. Repairs: Sometimes you open your pool just to learn that it needs repair work. It could be a tear in the liner, problem with the decking, etc. Opening your pool earlier rather than later will give you sufficient time to make repairs if there is any repair work to be done.

Westrock Pools – The Ultimate Pool Company

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