How to Keep Your Hot Tub from Overheating During Summer

Man enjoying hot tub

Hot tubs are designed to retain heat. However, hot temperatures in summer can cause the hot tub to overheat. Running the filtration cycles for a very long period of time may cause the ambient temperature to exceed 100 degrees and cause the hot tub to overheat and shut down. To keep your hot tub from overheating this summer season, follow these important tips:

  • Set the hot tub temperature to a lower setting-preferably at 98°.
  • Keep the hot tub in filtration mode.
  • Set the hot tub’s filtration time during the coolest time of day or night for 1 hour.
  • Open up the cover on a regular basis to allow the built-up heat to escape.
  • Reduce the number of pump cycles to a minimum.
  • Drain some of the hot tub water and add clean, fresh, cold water.
  • Make sure the water level in the hot tub is adequate. This will keep the hot tub from overheating.
  • When the outside temp drops, resume the normal filtration settings of your hot tub.
  • If you do not use your hot tub in the summer, be sure to check and maintain it every 2-3 weeks.
  • Have a service professional do a general inspection of your equipment area. You can then be sure that the hot tub is working properly.

At Westrock Pools, we are dedicated to providing hot tubs which are built well and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. If you think your hot tub is overheating, give us a call. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will be happy to speak with you. Call 845-367-9377 or email

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