Moving your hot tub

Hot tub

A hot tub can be a great source of fun, pleasure and relaxation, and can quickly become the hub of entertainment for the entire family. However, if you have to move to another home, relocating your hot tub can be one of the toughest moving challenges.

Hiring a hot tub expert from Westrock Pools will ensure that your hot tub is not damaged and that it is installed quickly. Since they are experienced in this area, they will transport your hot tub safely and effectively to your new home. They can also help you decide the best location for its installation. The following steps need to be taken when you decide to move your hot tub:

Drain and clean your hot tub

Our professionals will ensure that all the water is drained out of your hot tub before moving it. A submersible pump or hose will be used to drain it. After cleaning it, we will check for any damages. This will help to identify if any damage occurred during the process of moving it. The water from the pump’s suction and return lines will be cleared with the help of a canister-type wet vacuum. If you are moving to a location with freezing temperatures, we will ensure that all the water is drained out, so that your hot tub does not suffer any damage.

Prepare the site for your hot tub

Before you move your hot tub, it is important that the area where you will place it is prepared properly. Remove plants, bushes, debris and furniture that can get in the way.

Inspect your hot tub after moving

After your hot tub has been transported to its new location, inspect it for any damage that could have occurred while transporting it. Do not use it if the damage is severe. Our professionals will check that all connections are hooked up correctly before plugging in and refilling your hot tub. All the accessories will be put back in their places after ensuring that the hot tub is working well after the move.

Call Westrock Pools for assistance in moving your hot tub

If you need to move your hot tub, get in touch with Westrock Pools. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service available. You can call us at 845-367-9377 or email us at

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