Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers

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Swimming pool covers are necessary for your pool in every season. In summer, they help to keep leaves and debris out of the water and curtail evaporation. In winter, they protect your pool when it’s not in use. Installing a pool cover is a great way to keep your water warm, reduce maintenance time and cut your costs. Here are some of the different types of pool covers you can choose from:

Solar Covers

Solar covers are affordable and easy to install. They resemble translucent bubble wrap and are designed to absorb the sun’s heat during the day, and retain it when the outside temperature drops at night. They are the only pool covers that can increase water temperature and minimize evaporation, thereby reducing the need to refill pool water and adjust its chemical levels. This reduces your maintenance expenses.

Winter Covers

Winter covers are made of heavy duty materials which protect your swimming pool from cold temperatures during the winter. They can be used all year round. However, taking them on and off is not easy, so they are used when closing your pool for the winter. Winter covers help in reducing evaporation and keeping out debris. They also offer thermal protection against freezing and reduced sunlight, which prevents the growth of algae.

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers are more expensive than the other types of covers. They require professional installation. Automatic covers come in many forms which can be used throughout the year. They can be taken on and off by pressing a button. However, the vinyl material that automatic covers are made of requires replacement every 5 years.

Safety Covers

Safety covers can be used year round, and are designed to support weight. Solid and mesh are two main types of safety covers.

Solid safety covers are made of a solid vinyl material and are very effective in protecting your pool from sunlight and debris. They do not allow water to pass through, so therefore contain a drain panel to prevent precipitation from accumulating on top during the winter.

Mesh covers also keep leaves and debris out. They allow rain and melting snow to seep through into the pool. This prevents accumulated water from weighing down the cover. However, the outside water can make your pool dirty over the winter.

Hidden Covers

Hidden covers are a great option for those who consider aesthetics important. These covers come in manual, automatic or semi-automatic options, making them very easy to use. They are good for most pool shapes and, by using a hand crank, can be made to roll directly over the water automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

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