Pool Covers – Buyer’s Options and Choices

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Owning a pool is a great for enjoying a swim, entertaining guests, and exercise. A pool transforms the landscape of your backyard and adds value to your home. So to protect your investment it is important to keep your pool clean and safe. Having a pool cover makes all the difference in achieving just that.
A pool cover will protect your pool from unwanted intruders making use of your pool in your absence, and the elements of nature, such as leaves, twigs or branches from falling into the pool. In addition, keeping the pool covered also stops water from evaporating. It makes it safer for children and pets as well.
There are a range of pool covers you can choose from, depending on the type of pool you own. You may also need to choose a pool cover according to the environment your pool is exposed to. Here is a quick review of the types of pool covers you can choose from:

Mesh Walk-on Pool Cover

A mesh walk-on pool cover works best for homes with children and pets. It is a solid pin down/spring tension pool cover. It is securely fastened to the pool walk deck. It can easily hold a few hundred pounds. A high quality mesh cover can withstand up to a thousand pounds. Make sure to get the pool cover with the best quality. Just having the word ‘durable’ written on the label does not mean it can withstand body weight.

Automatic Pool Cover

With an automatic pool cover, you can keep your pool safe and clean with just one click of a button. In less than a minute your pool is fully covered, and you are good to go. Some people believe that pools with customized shapes and sizes cannot have automatic pool covers. This is not true. You can have automatic pool covers for pools of any shape and size. Please speak with an expert about automatic pool covers and if it may be right for your pool.

Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is made of light durable materials with air bubbles. It saves energy, reduces loss of water from evaporation, and cuts night-time heat loss while keeping the pool free from debris. It can also keep the water fairly warm in the pool. It is light-weight and easy to use. But without a roller, it becomes difficult to remove and put on. It cannot withstand any weight, not even the weight of a small child or animal. You will need to install an extra fence for safety.

Winter Pool Cover

Even though it is called a winter pool cover, you can use this cover all year round. It is made of heavy duty materials. It specifically protects your pool from cold winter temperatures. It prevents your pool from freezing. But similar to a solar pool cover, it cannot hold any weight.

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