Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

Pool cover

Using a pool cover is a simple and effective way of keeping your pool free of dirt and debris. It gives you more time to spend enjoying the swimming pool, rather than spending time maintaining it. There are many benefits of using a pool cover, such as:

It slows down evaporation

The evaporation rate for an outdoor pool can be very high, depending on the pool's temperature, air temperature and humidity, and the wind speed at the pool surface. When the temperature of the pool and the wind speed are high, and the humidity low, the evaporation rate increases. Using a pool cover helps control the rate of evaporation.

It helps retain heat

Covering a heated swimming pool at night reduces heat loss. When a pool gets heated up by the sun, covering it at night makes it warm enough for swimming in the next day. Using a cover saves you money on heating costs, given that evaporation, which is the major source of heat loss in swimming pools, occurs at night when the air temperature drops.

It keeps out leaves and twigs

Using a pool cover ensures that leaves, twigs and yard debris are kept out of the pool. This in turn requires less maintenance and allows you to vacuum your pool less often and for a shorter period of time.

It reduces chemical consumption

Covering a pool stops chemical evaporation from entering into the atmosphere, thereby reducing chemical consumption.

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