Things to Consider before Installing a Spa in a Resort

Spa in resort

Installing a spa in your resort requires careful planning. Here are some tips and things to consider before installing a spa in your resort.


Natural sunlight is a better option than artificial lighting. Based on your specific requirement, you can use a combination of different types of lights, as well as a combination of direct and indirect lights to produce the right light.


Based on the theme of your resort, you can choose colors for your spa that will define the theme and style of the facility. Choosing the right combination of colors for your spa is imperative. Do not choose colors that make the skin look pale, such as yellow or green, as colors reflect on the skin.

Space for Relaxation

It is important for your guests to feel peaceful and safe in a non-private area. To ensure that they have the right ambiance to feel relaxed, make sure there is a good balance of lighting. It must be bright enough to light up the room but dim enough to set a calm and private feeling. The seating should be evenly spaced. The scent of the place must be calming and relaxing.

Determining the ideal place for the spa in your resort

-If you are placing the spa on a deck, ensure that there is enough space around the hot tub for air to circulate.
-Take into consideration the direction of the sun and location of trees.
-Orient the spa to face the beautiful scenery in the resort.
-Ensure that there is a door and a well lit path nearby for your guests when they use the spa in the evenings.

Design around the spa

The spa can be installed over rocks, bricks, or stones brought to the edge of the pool. You can create unique designs around the spa. You can also set a rock, slate, and waterfall using waterproof concrete sealer to set them in place.

Pool/Spa finishes

The finish work done to the top of the pool wall is called coping. It is attached directly to the bond beam. Coping stones are porous and are often precast. The material gives better traction for guests who have just used the spa.

Call Westrock Pools for Professional Installation of your Spa

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