A Guide to Select the Best Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool

An above ground pool is an ideal way to enjoy your outdoor living space with family and friends. It is a great place to cool-off, play and exercise. To make sure that you buy the best above ground pool, you should consider some important factors. The following guide from pool professionals at Westrock Pools will help you select the best above ground pool as per your budget and lifestyle.

Select a Location

The first step in buying an above ground pool is to select the location.

  • Select a spot where the pool will be away from overhanging trees and other sources of leaves and debris.
  • Ensure that the pool receives as much sunshine as possible throughout the day. The heat will keep the water warmer.
  • Make sure that the site is easily accessible to water and electrical facilities to operate the pool pump and filter.

Choose the Shape and Size

Measure the dimension of the proposed area to determine the size and shape of the pool. An above ground pool comes in a round, rectangle and oval design. A round shaped above ground pool is less expensive, easy to install and offers more room. A rectangular or oval shaped pool enables users to swim laps and play games like water volleyball.

The diameter of a round shaped above ground pool can be up to 33 feet, the length of a rectangular shaped above ground pool can reach 25 feet. An oval shaped pool is available in lengths up to 43 feet.

Choose the Type of Construction

An above ground pool is available in varied colors and materials. Steel is the most durable material and it can last up to 20 years. Aluminum models are easier to install and disassemble if the pool has to be relocated.

An above ground pool can come in various types: a soft-sided vinyl pool; popup pool; or a temporary pool. A soft-sided vinyl pool can be inflated each swimming season. A popup pool has an inflatable ring at the top. As the pool gets filled with water, it will automatically expand to its proper configuration. A temporary pool is made from several layers of long-lasting, reinforced PVC. It is less expensive and easier to relocate.

Choose your Equipment

In addition to buying the pool, you also need to purchase a pump, filter and other equipment to keep the water clean and the pool running. Buy an automatic pool cleaner to vacuum dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool.

Choose your Accessories

Depending on the size, you may need a ladder to enter and exit the pool. Get a cover to prevent dirt and debris from falling into the pool.

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