Winterizing Your Pool

winterizing pool

With summer winding down, it is essential to keep your pool ready for the cold winter months. Winterizing your pool will protect your pool from ice damage, keep your water clean, and will save you time and money when you open your pool in the spring. It may seem complicated, but winterizing is a simple process and hiring a professional will ensure that it is done properly. The following are the steps followed by Westrock Pools’ professionals to effectively winterize a pool.

Clean the Pool

Professionals from Westrock Pools will remove the leaves, dirt, insects or other debris from the pool using a pool vacuum, or a net. The tile line with tile cleaner, the skimmer and the pump basket will be cleaned as well. Cleaning out the pool now will make the pool opening process in spring much smoother.

Remove Pool Accessories

Our pool experts will remove all accessories such as detachable ladders, slides, diving boards or other accessories and stow them away for winter. Leaving them in the pool during winter can damage them from snow or ice buildup.

Balance the Chemicals

The chemicals in the pool will be adjusted to the recommended levels:

  • The pH level must be between 7.26 to 7.8.
  • The calcium hardness must be between 180 and 220ppm.
  • The alkalinity must be between 80 and 100.

Drain Your Pool and Shut off Equipment

Our pool professionals will drain all water from the pump. The water will be reduced to 12 to 18 inches below the skimmer opening. This will allow water in the plumbing lines to drain back into the pool thus preventing water from freezing in the pipes and damaging the pipe. Turn off the pump and disable any timers to prevent the pump from accidentally turning on.

Cover Your Pool

A winter cover is essential for the pool and will withstand the weight of snow and ice. It can also protect people or pets from accidentally falling through the cover into the water. When covering the pool, our professionals will ensure that the edges are tightly sealed. This will prevent debris from entering your pool.

Call Westrock Pools for Winterizing your Pool

As the season comes to an end and temperatures drop, Westrock Pools will close your in ground or above ground pool. This service includes draining of pool equipment, blowing and plugging of lines, removal of ladders and handrails, covering of pool and optional addition of winterizing chemicals to ensure your pool is in the best possible condition for the start of the season. You can call us at 845-367-9377 or email at

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