7 Steps to a Perfect Inground Pool

inground pool

Installing an inground pool is a major project for any home owner. It needs adequate planning and preparation so that things do not go wrong. An inground pool is a permanent structure and will be one of the prominent features of your home. Therefore, it is important to invest time and energy to create a pool that lasts a lifetime. Following these steps will ensure that your new pool is a big success.

Step 1: Decide how your pool will be used

Defining the use of your pool will help you decide the ideal location, size and style of the pool. Take into consideration if your pool is intended mainly for exercise, relaxation or entertainment for friends and family.

Step 2: Choose a reliable contractor

Choosing a reliable contractor with a good track record is very important. They will be able to guide you on your choices and do an excellent job on the installation. Westrock Pools will not only recommend the proper pool for your area and taste, but they will work with only the best in the business to ensure that your new pool’s surroundings are transformed into your dream oasis.

Step 3: Decide on the model

There are three types of pools that you can choose from; vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. Vinyl pools come in a pre-made flexible liner that fits into the hole in the ground and usually comes in a rectangular shape. Concrete pools are also known as Gunite pools. They can be customized into any shape and design you desire. Fiberglass pools have a gel like finish on it and are more durable.

Step 4: Compare and assess the financial aspects of a pool

The cost of a pool widely depends on the type of pool you choose, soil condition, accessories, circulation system and shape and size of the pool. The cost depends on your preferences. Post installation there are some recurring costs such as routine pool maintenance, cleaning the pool surface, maintaining the water balance and upkeep of support equipment.

Step 5: Decide on the location

Choosing the right location for the swimming pool is very important. Ensure that the place is convenient for your family and gets a good amount of sunshine. Avoid low lying areas as they can result in the pool flooding with mud and debris when there is heavy rain.

Step 6: Check with zoning regulations

Before installing an inground pool, you will need to apply for a building permit and receive approval before the work can begin. Swimming pools are subject to building and zoning regulations. Your pool must be constructed at a safe distance from property lines, septic tanks, sewer lines, wetlands, etc.

Step 7: Invest in equipment

Once your pool is complete, you will need to select the right equipment to maintain it. You will also need to consider investing in safety equipment such as water alarms, safety covers, life jackets, pool floats, etc.

Call Westrock Pools to install your inground pool

If you are planning to install an inground pool, call Westrock Pools. We offer many styles and shapes of inground pools. You are free to select the ideal pool for your individual needs, space, and taste. Our team of designers and salespeople will work with you to create your very own backyard resort. You can call us at 845-367-9377 or email us at info@westrockpools.com.

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