Semi-Inground Pool Ideas

Semi-inground pool

A swimming pool is most often the center of a family’s entertainment and relaxation. A pool is great investment that may increase the value of your home. It is important to choose the right design and style for your pool. A semi-inground pool gives you the flexibility to design and landscape it. The possibilities of landscaping around your semi-inground pool are endless. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate around your semi-inground pool.

Build a deck around the pool

Semi-inground pools are usually referred to as deck pools because they’re often installed with an attached or wraparound deck. A deck around the pool covers up the protruding sides and also makes it easier to get in and out of the pool. The deck also serves as an area for people to lounge around the pool.

Adapt the pool to the terrain

Semi–inground pools are very versatile. They can adapt to uneven terrain and slopes. It does not need a large flat surface like an inground pool or above ground pool. It is a pool that’s neither hidden nor obtrusive, but a natural-looking part of the environment.

Design it according to the landscape

Because they are low, semi-inground pools can adapt to a lot of landscaping options. You can complement the pool with plants, flowers, shrubbery or a paved walkway. Or surround the pool with a rock garden or add a patio to give it a complete look.

Create scenery around it

A semi-inground pool gives you control over what people see while inside the pool, by being able to decide how high you want the pool walls to extend. Also by adding concrete or paver patios, gravel or rocks, or plants or trees you can create scenery around your pool. So when deciding on semi-inground pool design and placement consider the view from the pool.

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