Benefits of Owning a Gunite Pool

Gunite pool

Owning a swimming pool can jazz up a backyard. It can also provide a family with a place to relax and interact. However, deciding on the type of swimming pool is not easy. Lately, Gunite pools have become very popular because of its incredible durability and flexible method of construction. It is considered to be the strongest, most durable and most elaborate of the pool categories. Owning a Gunite swimming pool offers several benefits.

Here’s a list of the various benefits of a Gunite pool:

Can fit any landscape: A Gunite pool does not require a wooden framework to hold the shape of the pool basin, so it can be easily adapted to fit pre-existing outdoor landscaping. No change is necessary for the landscaping. Hence, a Gunite pool can be made to fit the location.

Offers varied decking choices: A Gunite pool offers a variety of decking choices from stained concrete, stamped concrete and natural stone to cool deck, deck pavers or tile.

Easy to construct: Though the process of constructing a Gunite pool takes longer, it is easy to construct. Factors such as outdoor temperature may take a foothold before construction on the concrete pool is even completed. However, constructing a Gunite pool is quick, simple, and there is less room for error because concrete and a sand mixture are sprayed on the rebar framework.

Easy to upgrade: A Gunite pool can be upgraded even after installation. One can add spill-over or island spas, rock or step waterfalls, interior finishes and colors, decking, fire pits, accent medallions, laminar jets, rain showers, sheer curtains, misters, lighting effects and pool heaters.

Can be accessorized: A Gunite pool can be accessorized with volleyball and basketball setups, backyard grills, safety fencing, slides, loungers, automatic covers (depending on the design) and outdoor furniture.

Durability: When constructing a pool, durability is a very important aspect. A Gunite pool is durable. With proper maintenance and pool chemistry, it can last for up to 15 years.

Various interior finishes: A Gunite pool has many kinds of interior finishes. One can opt for white plaster, pebble aggregate, colored plaster, polished marble, glass bead, painting or tile or more.

Fun and fitness: A Gunite pool can provide a perfect environment for family time and exercise. From water games like volleyball and basketball to water aerobics, a Gunite pool can provide pool owners and their families with many years of fun and fitness.

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