How to Maintain an Inground Pool

inground pool maintenance

An inground pool offers leisure, entertainment, and exercise. It increases the value of your home and also makes it a welcoming place for family and friends. However, before diving into the pool you need to ensure that it is clean. Calling a professional to maintain your inground pool will guarantee you have a safe, clean and refreshing oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

Here are some tips to maintain your pool:

Clean out the debris

The skimmer basket that holds the dirt and debris must be emptied. Skim the surface of the pool to remove any floating debris. Trees and bushes nearby that shed pollen, leaves, and flowers into the pool should be trimmed.

Clean the pool

Clean the pool at least once a week. Scrub the sides of the pool in a circular motion using a plastic bristle pool brush. Once you have cleaned the pool walls, let the dirt and small particles settle at the bottom of the pool. Use a pool vacuum and vacuum the bottom of the pool very slowly. Vacuuming in a straight line to avoid stirring up dirt and debris.

Apply pool surface cleaner

A pool surface cleaner clears the stained pool waterline to keep your pool looking fresh. Apply the pool surface cleaner with a pool brush and scrub the wall surface.

Shock the pool

Shock the pool water at least once per week to eliminate algae and other contaminants. The amount of shock you use depends on the chlorine product and the size of your pool. It is best to always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Shock the water at dusk or at night and allow the pump and filter to run overnight. Avoid swimming in the pool for at least 24 hours, after shocking the pool.

Regulate the chemicals

A weekly regulation of chemicals is necessary. Dissolve chlorine along with an alkalinity increaser in a bucket and pour it into the water. The chlorine level should remain around 3 parts per million and the pH level should read between 7.2 and 7.6.

Clean the filter

A filter helps to get rid of all the undissolved dirt and debris from the pool. However, particles that cannot pass through are trapped until all the sieves are blocked. Therefore, periodic cleaning is essential for the filter to function efficiently. The pool filter cartridge can be cleaned or replaced.

Run the pool’s filtration system

Run the pool’s filtration system for a minimum of 8 hours a day for proper filtration and circulation.

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