Things to Consider before Installing a Pool

Installing a pool

A pool is a wonderful source of fun and relaxation. Owning a pool is a dream come true for many. It can be a time for families to bond or just a refreshing way to stay cool, during the summer. Before installing a pool you need to plan and take many things into consideration. We at Westrock Pool & Spa want to install a pool for you that you will love. Below are a few suggestions to help you in the process of selecting a pool.

Here is what you need to consider before installing a pool

  • Set a budget for your pool. Installing a pool can cost a lot of money. Make a list of the features you would like in your pool and then decide on what works best with the budget you have. Safety features should also be included in your budget.
  • Ensure that you research on the different types of pools. There are above ground and inground pools which are made of different materials. There are also various options for filtering and cleaning systems.
  • If you are planning on installing an indoor pool and want to keep your pool open all year long, especially during the winter season, consider getting a heater for the pool. Outdoor pools need to be closed with a protective cover during the season of winter.
  • Westrock Pools is a reputable company that has been installing all types of pools for 49 years. We can help you build your dream pool, just ask any of our loyal customers about the pools we have built for them.
  • Identify the purpose of your pool. Is it mainly for relaxation or exercise? Will it be used mostly by kids or will it be an architectural element to your home? Identifying the purpose of your pool will help you narrow down on what you want.
  • Decide on the shape of your pool. Above ground pools are usually oval. Inground pools, on the other hand, come in various shapes.
  • Ensure that you have proper building permits for your pool. Any type of construction requires a permit, which includes a swimming pool as well.
  • Safety is one of the most important things to consider in your pool purchase. Check the local safety codes of your area. In some areas, a pool is required to be enclosed or fenced in.

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