Fiberglass Vs. Gunite Pool

Both fiberglass and gunite has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to install a pool, you need to consider their specific purpose. When it comes to retaining water there is no other alternative than fiberglass. However, here are the different aspects of fiberglass and gunite.

Cost: Fiberglass pools are cheaper. Not only the initial installation costs but repairing a fiberglass pool is quick, easy and cheap. However, even a single crack on a gunite pool will be costly and it is labor intensive. It is more expensive to construct.

Repairing: While repairing a gunite pool, water will have to be tapped out of the pool. However, fiberglass repairs can be done with the water still in it.

Maintenance: Gunite pool surfaces have pores allowing algae to grow not only on the surface, but also in the marblelite of the gunite structure. It calls for heavy maintenance. A fiberglass pool is done with gel coats, and thus algae can only grow on the surface which can simply be wiped off. Thus, the maintenance on a fiberglass pool is very low.

Warrantees: A fiberglass pool comes with a structural warranty. While a gunite pool comes with a longer warranty.

Re-plaster: Fiberglass pools are warmer and have a higher tensile strength than cement and are flexible. Fiberglass pools will never have to be re-plastered. Gunite needs re-plastering every 10 to 15 year.

Versatile: Gunite pools can be built in any size, shape, or depth, and offer the ability to incorporate monolithic vessels such as spas, streams, and waterfalls. Fiberglass pools are also available in many shapes and sizes. They offer beautiful and unique interior finish options. However, limited options are available such as raised spas, tanning ledges and underwater benches.

Durability: The main advantage of a gunite pool is that it lasts long. Fiberglass pools don’t have the longevity/durability of a gunite pool.

Flexibility: A huge selection of decorative and long lasting finishes can be added to gunite pools. It allows flexibility especially when faced with challenging terrain and limited installation space.

Construction/Installation Time: Gunite pools take a long time to construct. While fiberglass in-ground pools are quickly installed.

Finishes: Gunite pool finishes are always good and more elaborated. Fiberglass pool provides a more finished look than gunite pool finish.

Gunite Pool Installation

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