Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Owning a personal hot tub is a luxury which offers a number of health benefits and it is a lot of fun. Hot tubs need proper maintenance to retain its beauty and performance. Maintaining it might seem overwhelming, but it can be quite simple. Here are some helpful hot tub maintenance tips:

Proper Sanitization

Proper sanitization will prevent any sort of unwanted contaminants. Generally, the best sanitizers are granular chlorine or bromine. To maintain the sanitizer levels in your spa, check periodically with a test strip to make sure that the levels are within acceptable limits. In addition, oxidizing your hot tub weekly will help remove oil, hair sprays and other substances. Adding an ozone generator on your spa can greatly increase the length of time needed between sanitation treatments.

Spa Filter

Depending on the usage, the filter needs to be cleaned at least once a month. You can clean the filter by using a garden hose or a high pressure water stream. Each pleat needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. The filter helps keep the water clean by removing lotions or oils transferred from skin during soaks and it also keeps the calcium levels steady.

Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning your hot tub cover is an important part of spa maintenance. Hot tub covers are essential as they keep debris out and protect the hot tub. They are exposed to the elements, such as dust, sun, rain, etc., so in order to extend the life of your spa maintain it. It should be cleaned on a monthly basis. The underside of the cover can be cleaned with a garden hose. The surface can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution. Never use petroleum-based products on the cover.

Water Chemistry

Hot tub water chemistry can be maintained with minimal effort when the water care basics are followed. The water in a hot tub must have proper pH balance, alkalinity and calcium hardness. The water health in the spa can be maintained by testing it regularly.

Spa Shell Care

The spa shell is an important component of hot tub maintenance and can be cleaned regularly with dishwashing soap or window cleaner.

Spa Cabinet Care

Clean the spa cabinets with a mild dishwashing detergent and soft bristled brush.

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