Replace Your Pool Liner to Improve Your Pool’s Performance

Swimming pool liner

A good pool liner improves the appearance of your pool. It also protects the pool surface against leakage, UV rays, algae, chlorine damage and more. It is important to pay attention to your pool liner’s condition to avoid leakage and other problems that can damage your pool. Replacing your pool liner on time can extend the life of the pool and improve its performance.

When to replace a pool liner?

You know its time to replace your pool liner when:

  • You suspect a leak on your pool liner: If your water level drops even though your pool pump system seems to be functioning properly, it could be an indication of a hole or tear in the liner.
  • The pool liner is faded or stained: Exposure to sunlight, chemicals, significant algae or rust stains can cause the pool liner to fade or stain. Significant or severe fading is also a sign of deterioration.
  • If the pool liner is wrinkled or stretched: Over time, pool liners can lose their elasticity. Hence, it becomes difficult to keep the liner bead in its track. Without the support of the track, your liner could sag, causing the pool liner to get wrinkles.
  • The pool liner has become old: Old pool liners become less flexible and more brittle. Once it becomes brittle, tears and cracks will follow.

Hire a professional pool liner installer

If your pool needs a liner replacement, it is important to hire a professional to install a pool liner. Some of the benefits are:

  • A professional is prepared to handle any situation when installing a pool liner.
  • A professional pool liner installer ensures that the pool liner is measured correctly.
  • A professional pool liner installer has access to the high quality pool liners. They can alter the liners to fit your pool.
  • A professional pool liner installer can check the condition of the plumbing systems, coping, skimmer, deck, walls and floors of the pool before installing a new vinyl liner.

Replacing the pool liner will effectively renew the surface of your pool and you can enjoy the pool for years to come! A new liner lasts up to 10 years or more for an above ground pool and 20 years or more for an inground pool.

Contact Westrock Pools professionals for pool liner replacement!

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