Hot tubs can relieve your arthritic pain

Have you been suffering from arthritic pain and tried everything possible to get rid of it? If yes, hot water therapy is a must try. Physicians all over the world recommend weight loss, exercise, stretching and maintaining a positive attitude. All of this when done in a hot tub provides excellent results, as it is one of the oldest proven methods of easing the extreme pinching of nerves caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Ways how a hot tub can help relieve arthritis

Listed below are some ways that using a hot tub can relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain:

  • Simply soaking in

    The heat from the hot tub increases the circulation of blood while loosening the joints and muscles in the body. The water buoyancy can help relieve pressure associated with body weight. The massage from the hot water jets in the tub can help loosen and relax painful muscles and joints.

  • Exercising in the water

    By trying out different strengthening exercises while sitting on the edge of a hot tub seat, you can work your abs, legs, and arms in the water.Core and abdominal strength is essential for relief from back pain.Buoyancy reduces pain by supporting the joints and muscles and water resistance makes the movement more effective.

  • Stretching while in the water

    Gentle stretching while in the hot tub can help to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. This can ease rheumatic pain to a large extent.

  • Breathing exercises

    Breathing exercises and awareness meditation while in the water helps to ignore daily distractions and relieve stress.Additionally, it soothes away the rheumatoid arthritis pain.

  • Stretching

    Simple stretching exercises can increase your flexibility, and help fight your rheumatic pain, especially if you enjoy them in the warm water that supports you while you stretch.

  • Maintaining a healthy and positive attitude

    For rejuvenation, let the top-speed jets of hot water hit you for about 10 minutes. The exercises done in the hot tub release endorphins and will leave you more relaxed, which will relieve pain.

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