How to Choose an Ideal Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool offers a lot of enjoyment. It is ideal for family friendly fun or complete relaxation. Above ground pools are great for creating summertime memories that will last a lifetime. However, choosing an ideal above ground pool may be difficult with so many choices available. Here are a few quick tips to follow when selecting an above ground pool for you and your family.

  1. Consider the Location: The first step in the process of choosing an above ground pool is to consider the location of where you want to install it. Think about the following while determining the location:
  • Have at least 3 feet between the pool and any structures.
  • Avoid installing it near a tree(s), because the roots of the tree(s) can push up through the above ground pool liners.
  • Make sure that there are no underground lines, septic tanks, cesspools, dry wells, stumps, or debris underneath.

Check for any overhead electrical lines, and avoid that location.

  1. Determine the Pool Size: Above ground pools come in various sizes, after determining the location and measuring it, decide on the pool size.
  1. Choose the Pool Shape and Height: Most above ground pools are round and oval in shape. Round pools usually come within 33 feet in diameter while oval pools are typically no larger than 18 feet by 40 feet. Above ground pools come in heights of 48, 52 or 54 inches. Deeper above ground pools are preferred by many because it occupies more water and offers better swimming. Above ground pools with shorter wall heights are also available. They are usually inexpensive and safer for children.
  1. Decide on the Type of Above Around Pool: There are two type of above ground pools; steel pool and resin pool. A steel pool has walls, uprights, a bottom track and top rails made of steel. A resin pool has steel walls as well, but the other structural components are made of resin which is a heavy-duty plastic. Steel above ground pools are resistant to corrosion as it is covered with multiple layers of protective coating. However, resin is corrosion-proof. Resin above ground pools are more expensive than steel above ground pools. It is suitable for a damp area where rust might be more prevalent.

Consider the Cost: When you purchase an above ground pool, you will also need a vinyl liner, skimmer, pump filtration system and steady supply of pool chemicals to keep the water safe. Make sure that you include the cost of all these items as you prepare your budget. There are also several grades of above ground pools such as economy, mid-grade and high-end. An Above ground pool is an investment. These useful tips will make selecting an above ground pool easy.

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