5 Errors Swim Spa Owners Make

It is important to provide a considerable amount of maintenance and upkeep to ensure that you have long lasting swim spa. Errors made due to the lack of knowledge or negligence can ruin your Swim Spa.

Below are 5 errors made by swim spa owners:

  1. Cleaning with normal household cleaning products: Using normal household cleaning products to clean a swim spa is a common error made by new swim spa owners. Household cleaning products contain chemicals that may react with the acrylic lining of the inside, causing damage to your unit. Swim spa cleaning products are chemically formulated to work with the chemicals that are used in the water—household cleaning products are not. Household cleaning products react with each other creating toxic gases. For instance, when bleach is mixed with vinegar, a toxic chlorine gas is produced. Therefore, avoid using household cleaning products and let a professional do the cleaning to ensure such lethal chemicals are not infused into your swim spa.
  1. Swimming without a cap: Not something you usually think about, but it is important to wear a swimming cap when using your swim spa. Over time hair accumulates in the drain, causing blockage in the unit inlet filter and further strain on the pumps. This can result in your swim spa malfunctioning. So wearing a swimming cap when using the swim spa can prevent your swim spa from getting clogged with hairs.
  1. Not maintaining the right water temperature: A swim spa must maintain the appropriate water temperature. If kept too cold it can damage the internal parts of the swim spa. Additionally, keeping it too hot makes the swim spa a breeding ground for bacteria. This will produce an uncomfortable stench in the water that may make the user ill. Therefore, consult with a professional on how to maintain the right water temperature for a healthy swim spa.
  1. Shower before using the swim spa: Before using the swim spa shower off all the makeup, lotions, dirt particles, hair products and any other chemicals on your body. Adhering to this simple rule, will help keep the water cleaner for longer.
  1. Keeping your swim spa uncovered: Swim spa owners often neglect to cover their swim spa. All types of dirt and debris can settle in to the unit, causing mechanical issues. This will make the water very unhygienic.

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