Types of Above Ground Pools

There are various types of swimming pools. Among them, above ground pools are very popular. These pools are easy to install and are very affordable. Below are different types of above ground pools.

Types of Above Ground Pools

Hard-Sided Pools: Hard-Sided above ground pools are made of metal and have a steel, aluminum, and/or resin walls. These pools can also be constructed with custom depths. They are available in circular and oval shapes. Construction of these pools requires lots of preparation and construction. These pools can last 15- 30 years and withstand more wear and tear than soft-sided above ground pools.

Soft-Sided Pools: Similar to a Hard-Sided above ground pool, Soft-sided pools consists of a metal frame and come in a varetiy of depths and sizes. It is available in both rectangular and round shapes. They can be placed on any surface and they are more affordable than Hard-Sided Pools.

Frame Pools: Are made with a sturdy steel frame usually with vinyl liner. Very durable and will last for many years. It comes in a round and rectangular shape. Also, it is an above ground pool that you can take down and store away for the winter.  

Ring Pools: This is a vinyl pool with an inflatable top ring which rises as you add water. It is very affordable and will last for a long time. This is also another above ground pool that you can take down and store away for the winter.

Above Ground Pool Installers in Rockland County and Westchester County

Westrock Pool & Spa has a variety of pools you can choose from. We have a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your backyard. Our service locations include Nanuet and all of Rockland County,  Scarsdale, Bronxville, and White Plains in Westchester County, Bergen County, Putnam County, and Orange County. Call 845-367-9377 to find out more about our pool installation services.

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