Types of Above Ground Pool Liners

Above ground pool liners protect the floor and walls of a pool. It comes in different models. The above ground pool liners are often made of a highly resilient vinyl or other synthetic material. The object of the pool liner is to extend the life of the pool by preventing mold and other forms of damage to occur to the pool.

Types of Above Ground Pool Liners

The four different types of above ground pool liners:

  1. Overlap pool liners: This type of liner overlaps the top rim of the wall and is clamped down with a coping strip. It is the most inexpensive, but has fewer color and pattern options. The overlap liners are the hardest to install. They are easily available and fit pool wall heights between 48″-54″.
  2. J-hook pool liners: These pool liners are known as J-hook pool liners because of the way it is mounted and hangs on top of the pool wall in a J-shaped adapter. It is not as cheap as the overlap pool liners, but is quicker to remove and replace. J-hook above ground pool liners can be purchased in a wider variety of patterns and colors. These liners may be found as a uni-bead or even an ez-bead.
  3. Regular beaded pool liners: Regular beaded above ground pool liners are often the best, because of their varied pattern selections, they can be easily installed. They need a track system called bead receivers. The tracking is placed on the wall to receive the bead directly into the groove with the bead receiver. The bead snaps into the track. If the pool was installed using this system, then replacing the liner is easier.
  4. Uni-bead liners: When J-hook and regular beaded are combined, they are known as uni-bead liners. They can also be used separately. For J-hook, hook the liner over the top of the pools wall, and for a regular bead cut away the J-hook portion and tuck the bead inside the bead receivers.

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